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Love is a Bang

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Deidara x Sakura

If it's not obvious to you now, it probably never will be: You've stumbled upon the Deidara x Sakura LiveJournal community.

If you know who Deidara and Sakura are, then you'll know that the pairing is literally based off the imagination of fans. Fanfiction, fanart, AMVs, everything. The two have never met in canon besides one quick glance. It's a crack couple, but it's an awesome crack couple. Agreed?

General Rules

• No spamming, trolling, or flaming. It's fine for you to dislike the pairing, but for you to post here about how much you want to condemn it to the Seventh Circle of Hell is just stupid.

• On the same note, if you'd like to post intelligently and respectfully about your reasons for disliking DeiSaku, feel absolutely free. We're always open to other opinions.

• If you post any sort of fanwork that isn't yours, please make sure to credit the author/artist/etc.

• Due to recent changes in LJ's posting policy, if you post a fanwork that depicts any characters engaging in sexual acts, please be sure to state that both characters are over eighteen. And if they are not, then please do not post said fanwork.

• If your post has spoilers, large images, huge blocks of text, etcetera, please hide it under an lj-cut and a proper warning.

• Address korinacaffeine, lone_gothic, or akiru_chan for any questions, comments, or concerns. Alternately, you can comment on this post for any community-related questions.

• Comment here for affiliation. We affiliate with any communities or websites, as long as the subject matter pertains to Deidara, Sakura, or DeiSaku.

That said, have fun and try not to take anything too seriously. Relax. It's just fandom.

DeiSaku is a heartrending work of art bang! ♥


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